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Solutions in wear resistance steels


Since 1990,

was created to attend several services and specifics steel commercialization for wear and abrasion, in addiction to structural steel of high performance. Offering products and parts obtained through the use of oxyfuel, plasma and another specifics service.

Headquarter in São Paulo, is in a strategic position to attend quickly and efficient the entire national market. The quick access to integrated logistics systems such as seaports, airports and highways, facilitating the shipping to deliver the products to our customers.

With an innovative vision of services and solutions CORACORTHE prioritizes the efficiency of its internal processes, coupled with the commitment to serve customers in the shortest possible time, offering innovative solutions that can meet and assist your business partners.

With an extensive knowledge of supply chains and oxyfuel and plasma markets, we are always sought the best quality, cost and reliability ratio, boosting and offering other services such as: metal forming, annealing, drilling, calendering, machining, stud welding, welding, heat treatment in all classes of materials and dimensions.

Focusing on the client and always working to facilitate internal and external processes are the main reasons why CORACORTHE is considered a fair company in terms of Responsibility and Partnership. For all this to be possible and part of the daily life of CORACORTHE, it is essential the relationship with all those involved, integrating employees, clients and partners, acting with honesty and transparency.

Operating Sector

  • Agricultural Implements
  • Automotive / Auto Parts
  • Basic Industries
  • Boilers
  • Civil Construction
  • Hydroeletric Plants
  • Istamping
  • Machinery and Equipment Industries
  • Marine
  • Metal – Mechanical
  • Mining
  • Oil and Gas
  • Power Generation
  • Pulp and Paper
  • Steelmaking
  • Sugarcane
  • Textiles
  • Tooling


The principle of Sustainability for CORACORTHE applies to a concept of the future that we must cultivate and always implement through entrepreneurship, being applicable to a small community around us, to the entire planet through the chain of our business contacts.

For this reason we try to prevent the future, through actions in the present, following the lines of thoughts:

  • Ecologically Correct
  • Economically Viable
  • Socially Just
  • Culturally Accepted


We are authorized SSAB suppliers. In our product line you will find: HARDOX 450, HARDOX 500, HARDOX 550, HARDOX 600, STRENX, TOOLOX.

Hardox Wearparts framework Strenx – High-performance structural steel - SSAB Toolox - High-performance structural steel - SSAB

Polen is a nationwide online platform connecting companies which generate residues with others that may benefit from those residues as raw material. We sell our products through Polen, reinstating such materials into new production chains and, as a result, preventing its disposal into the environment and promoting cyclic economy, reverse logistics and sustainability.

Polen - Solução e Valoração de Resíduos

Quality - Coracorthe


Quality policy

Based on its Quality Management System based on the NBR ISO 9001 standard, CORACORTHE is committed to its customers, employees and suppliers, aiming at satisfying and exceeding expectations through the continuous improvement of its processes, attending the service with quality and respect the safety standards and requirements applied.

This policy is based on the following objectives:

  • Decrease Non-Conformance and Scrap Indices,
  • Increase the Satisfaction Index of Clients and Employees,
  • Increase Sales Indices and Punctuality in deliveries.



Some of the biggest concerns is CORACORTHE exceed the expectations of its customers, create links with their suppliers and maintain high self-esteem of its employees. For that maintains na internal policy of innovation, whose mains points are: Responsibility, Loyalty, Partnership and Commitment.


Enhance the ethical and organizational values constantly and unite the human capacity to feel the commitment to meet requirements are issues that CORACORTHE applies in its mainly processes and forwards it to its employees so important that the community is through Training and Newsletters.


By working philosophy that seeks to promote discipline in the company through awareness and responsibility, in order to make the environment pleasant and productive work, the CORACORTHE keeps em place the principles of the Program 5’S: Seiri – Sense of Use; Seiton – Sense of Ordination; Seisso – Sense of Clean; Seiketsu – Sense of Health; Shitsuke – Sense of Self-Discipline. Advantages: Compilance natural procedures; Moral discipline and ethics; Cultivation of good habits; Effective participative management; Quality Life Assurance.


The CORACORTHE believes people make is valued transparency, honesty and respect in all types of human relationships. Putting good practice with reference to the SA 8000 2008 to CORACORTHE pledging do not use and not support unjust factors and keeping the attencion of relevant national legislation: Child Labor, Forced Labor, Safety and Health, Freedom Association and Collective Bargaining; Discrimination; Disciplinary Practices; Working Hours; Remuneration; Management System.


Excellence, Loyalty, Commitment, Agility, Punctuality, Versatility and Quality.

Since 1999, when he began to implement a Quality Management System, CORACORTHE has been improving its processes and services. As a consequence of their potential and ongoing effort has become a pioneer in the field of oxyfuel implement and improve a Quality Management System according to NBR ISO, and therefore achieve high levels of Quality.
AThrough constant analysis of market information CORACORTHE's main commitment to Quality End of everything you do, just to exceed the expectations of its Clients, increase the level of of partnership with its Suppliers and raise self-esteem of its Collaborators.
Materials: Serve the market with key materials and mostly using the best tools and technologies for its Customers to be surprised; this philosophy has always been the goal of CORACORTHE:

"Offering the best, with the best."

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Coracorthe innovates once again and offers its customers the QR Code identification. You can obtain various information and attest to the authenticity of your product.

We recommend the QR Code Reader I-nigma

Products and Services


Process Coracorthe


The CORACORTHE has with a computerized CAD / CNC, one of the most updated market and resulting in significant time performance by ensuring that internal processes quickly and reliably
Main equipment used: Plasma, Pyrotome, Standard Photocell, CNC Photocell, CNC, Manual torch, Radial drill, Automated Pres.
Complementary processes: Metal forming, Tumbling, Straightening, Annealing, Hurricane, Calendaring, Machining, Stud Welding, Welding, Normalization, Painting, Stress Relief, Fold
Collect accurate information and where doubts arise address them, is a reminder of how every team CORACORTHE where it operates, and maintains information mainly special or additional requirements for all processes that follow accordingly.

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